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Backups are vital to ensure you don't lose all your work. This page is about WordPress backups. If you are looking for information about generally backing up up your site, jump here.

Let's think this through. You are doing backups in case something goes wrong, right? So you can restore your site to an earlier state, right? Great idea. Good on you - I have seen the tears and heartbreak when digital content has been accidentally deleted.

So all these backup files are sitting on the server...but what if the problem is the server?

Now obviously I have no plan for there to be a catastrophic disaster but it might be out of my hands; An earthquake destroys the data centre. Someone steals the server. The zombie apocalypse brings down the power grid.

So it is important to have a copy of your backup off site. You could download it. Maybe store it on dropbox or something similar. But having backups stored with the original material is a really bad idea™.

I don't want to address which WordPress backup solution is better, I really don't have the knowledge about that having not used specific backup plugins. I do know that Backup Buddy is popular. Whether it works to restore a broken site (this is the most important thing), I am not certain.

123host does daily, weekly and monthly offsite backups of the entire server, so we have you covered. But take responsibility for your own data.

Let's discuss something else between friends. All those backups dating back months, taking up your disk quota. A good plan is to keep the last 4 backups, just in case whatever you deleted accidetally was a while ago. Please do your housekeeping and either set your backup programme to clean up old backups or do it manually. I receive notification about people filling up their disk space a couple of times a week and it is nearly always because of backups sitting there that are months old.

How often should you do a backup? Depends on how often you update your site. If you update daily, I would suggest once a week. If you update once a week, then back up once a month. How much of your work are you willing to lose?

Got your back up? Lost? Confused? Lodge a support ticket