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Wordpress is probably the most popular web software. It is easy to use and can be made to look great. There is a bit of a learning curve, but there is also lots of help out there.

There is often a temptation to install every plugin that you think would be fun. Don't do it. Avoid the temptation. There are regular events where websites have malware code injected into them and it invariably is done through a vulnerability in a plugin.

Anyone in the world who knows how, or thinks they do, can write a plugin. I have one I created available in the plugin centre. And that is my point. What do you know about my programming skills? How secure is the plugin? How trustworhy am I?

Think of it like this: It is like inviting a total stranger to add a room to your house and you have no idea whether they may either deliberately or accidentally not put a lock on one window.  Someone not very nice discovers this and goes around looking for all houses where that person installed a room...what could possibly go wrong?

So do install plugins, but;

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