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This is a tutorial on parking a domain. If you aren't sure what that means, read this.

If you are wanting to add a second website, you should be reading about Addon Domains instead

To Park a domain, log into your domain management panel: cpanel.yourdomain.com.au

cpanel login

Your login details are in the welcome email you should have received. If you can't find it, lodge a support ticket and it will be resent

Don't be intimidated by all the offerings in cpanel, it can be overwhelming. Also be careful you could break the internet...well, maybe just your website...no kidding.

You are looking for the Domains section and particularly the Parked Domains icon - click it


You'll see the following screen. Enter the domain name. Note that you can only park domains that already have their nameservers pointing to 123host.

Park a domain

That was easy. But once you have parked the domain you may want to redirect it to somewhere otherwise it is an orphan in a void (to mix my metaphors).

In my case I am going to send any visitors to domainplace.com.au to the 123host.com.au domain checker page, so I click on the manage redirection link (on the right) and...

Park a domain

It is that easy. And, though I am not sure why you would want to, you can redirect to any other website, it doesn't have to be yours.

Park a domain

What about if you have the .com.au version of a website and you want it to point to the primary domain which is a .com? This is an example only since I don't have MrGeek.com, but you would simply leave the domain without a redirection so that it goes to /public_html which is where your primary website lives.

Park a domain

It sounds confusing but it isn't really. If it really doesn't make sense...

Stuck? Lost? Your brain stuck in park? Lodge a support ticket