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If you are having your emails forwarded to Gmail and want to send as You@YourDomain.com.au (instead of you@Gmail.com) here is how to do it..

Log into your domain management panel: cpanel.yourdomain.com.au

cpanel login

Your login details are in the welcome email you should have received. If you can't find it, lodge a support ticket and it will be resent

There are 3 steps.

  1. Set up a mailbox that won't generally receive any incoming mail but is used by Gmail to send email.
  2. Set up a separate email forwarder to forward emails to Gmail
  3. Set up Gmail to send as your email address

Step 1: The first step is to create a mailbox in your account so you can send emails through it. Give the mailbox the name outgoing@(YourDomain). Remember the password, make it strong! Copy it.

Once you have created the mailbox you should see it in the list. There is no reason you would ever give this email address to anyone.

So you understand, this mailbox is used by gmail to send emails out through your mail server - that's how they do it to avoid people setting up spam systems.

That's all you need to do here, but don't close cpanel yet.

Step 2: If an email forwarder has already been set up up for you, you can skip this step, but reading it may help fit the pieces together in your mind.

This system workes because we are going to automatically forward You@YourDomain.com.au to your gmail account.

In a few steps time, Gmail will send you an email to make sure you own You@YourDomain.com.au. We need to set up the forwarder now to ensure you receive this email in Gmail.

So, head to the page about forwarding emails and following the instructions set up a forwarder to your gmail account. Then come back here.

Done? Assuming you have done it properly, emails to your You@YourDomain.com.au email address will be forwarded to your You@Gmail.com automatically. That wasn't too hard was it?

Step 3: It is one thing to receive these emails, now we want to add your You@YourDomain.com.au email address to Gmail so you can send from that address:

Go into your Gmail account and

  1. Click the  icon at the top right.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click the Accounts and Import tab.
  4. Under Send Mail As, click Add another email address.
  5. Enter your name and the email address you set up as a forwarder e.g. You@YourDomain.com.au click next
  6. Enter
    1. the SMTP server mail.YourDomain.com.au - careful, it may default to SMTP.YourDomain.com.au, you need to change that
    2. your username on that domain which is the email address you created as a forwarder e.g. outgoing@YourDomain.com.au,
    3. your password for that account - you do remember it, right?
  7. Click Add account >> Google will check your details and assuming you entered everything correctly, then Google will send that authentication email to You@YourDomain.com.au...we need the code in that email. Now you understand why we needed to set up the forwarder first, that email is going to arrive in gmail.
  8. Jump to the Gmail inbox and you pretty soon the email will arive. Either click the link in the message Gmail sent or enter the confirmation code in the Accounts and Import section of your Gmail settings.
    • If Gmail sent a verification email and you didn’t receive it, try checking your Spam or Bulk Mail folders for a message from account-verification-noreply@google.com to see if the email ended up in there. It is kind of ironic that Google will sometimes classify their own mail as spam.

All make sense? You can always delete things if you do it wrong and then redo it properly.

If it is just too hard, that is no problem. Lodge a support ticket, include your gmail login and I am happy to set it up for you.