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Forwarding is just like it sounds. Emails that arrive for a specific email address are simply shot off to another email address.

This is particularly useful if you have multiple domains and a single email account where all the emails are delivered. In most email clients (Gmail, Outlook etc) you can configure it so that the sender looks like your domain and even have multiple sender identities.

Set it up:

Log into your domain management panel: cpanel.yourdomain.com.au

cpanel login

Your login details are in the welcome email you should have received. If you can't find it, lodge a support ticket and it will be resent

Don't be intimidated by all the offerings in cpanel, it can be overwhelming. Also be careful you could break the internet - well, maybe just your website...no kidding.

You are looking for the Mail section and particularly the Forwarders icon - click it

mail panel

You'll see this screen which also gives you a bit of an explanation. Click the Add Forwarder button

forwarder screen

  1. Fill in the email address you want forwarded
  2. Select the domain (if you have more than one)
  3. Fill in the address to which it will be forwarded e.g. You@gmail.com
  4. Add it

forder details

That's it! Now all emails for You@Yourdomain.com.au will be forwarded to YourEmailAddress@somewhere.com

You can add as many different email forwarders as you like. You can even have the same email address forward to multiple destinations by adding more forwarders for that email.

HINT! Yes, those captalised email addresses are fine - read this

Another HINT! If you forward to gmail, you can setup gmail to send from You@YourDomain.com.au.

Stuck? Lost? Move forward, Lodge a support ticket