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Backups are vital to ensure you don't lose all your work. There is not much point doing a backup and leaving it on the same computer - what if it gets stolen, the hard drive crashes or whatever...

Using this technique you will download a backup of your website that you can keep on your computer or even better upload to something like dropbox. The more copies the safer. If you are looking for information about WordPress backups, jump here.

Log into your domain management panel: cpanel.123host.com.au

cpanel login

Your login details are in the welcome email you should have received. If you can't find it, lodge a support ticket and it will be resent

Don't be intimidated by all the offerings in cpanel, it can be overwhelming. Also be careful; you could break the internet...well, maybe just your website...no kidding.

You are looking for the files section and the backup wizard

back wizard

This will take you to a page where you can choose what whether to backup or restore from a backup - which you may never need to do.

backup complete

Now you get to choose what to back up, we're going to keep it simple and complete, choose Full Backup.

backup what

Final step is to say where you want to put the file.

  1. is the name of the file
  2. your email address so you can be notified
  3. Generate the backup

backup where

It could take a while, you'll receive an email saying the backup is done.

Now if it was possible to download the backup that means that anyone could possibly access it, so the file is not visible on the internet. As an aside, this is the problem when you hear about someone downloading business information that was accidentally exposed on the web.

To download your backup, while you are in cpanel, head back to the home screen and click on file manager

File Manager

If you aren't already in the home directory click on the link indicated. Friendly warning...do not mess with any of the files here, this is the configuration of much of your hosting. Feel free to look if you are curious, but do not edit anything.


On the right hand side, in the list of files scroll down to the bottom and you should see the backup file


If you click on it the file will start to download. When the download is complete I suggest deleting that file to free up the disk space.

How often should you do a backup? Depends on how often you update your site. If you update daily, I would suggest once a week. If you update once a week, then back up once a month. How much of your work are you willing to lose?

Got your back up? Lost? Confused? Lodge a support ticket